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About Curling

Game Rules

  • Each team consists of 2-4 players per team (ideally 4 people)
  • Each team has 8 rocks
  • Everyone gets to throw 2 rocks per end.
  • The lead throws the first 2 rocks, second throws the next 2 rocks, third throws the next 2 rocks, and the skip throws the last 2 rocks.
  • Teams alternate throwing (red throws, blue throws, red throws, blue throws, etc).
  • The skip stands at the far end of the ice, they call the shots, and catch rocks from hitting the hacks and backboards.
  • When not throwing, the lead and second sweep their opponents rocks.
  • The third sweeps the lead and seconds rocks, and then holds the broom at the far end while the skip throws their rocks.
  • Rocks must land in the “area of play” between the hog line and back line.
  • Rocks that land in between the hog lines must be pushed off to the corners and out of play.
  • Rocks that go into another sheet/lane of ice must be brought back and put into the corners and out of play.
  • Rocks that hit the side boards must be put into the corners and out of play.
  • Teams can sweep their rocks at any time to help it travel further down the ice.
  • The skips can sweep their oppositions rocks between the tee line and back line to try to make it go out of play.
  • Only one player per team can sweep a rock between the tee line and the back line.
  • The goal of the game is to throw your rocks closer to the button than your opposition.
  • Points are counted after all 16 rocks have been thrown, this completes 1 end of curling.
  • A typical curling game is 8 ends of play.
  • The team with the most points after 8 ends of play wins.

Scoring Examples

Curling is similar to bocce ball and shuffleboard. The closer your rocks are to the “button” than your opponents rocks the more you score.

scoring examples 1024x368

Curling Sheet View

Ice Views


Hack: Also known as the “starting blocks” where you slide out from to deliver a curling rock/stone

House: Is made up of 4 circles (the 12ft, 8ft, 4ft, and button/middle). These circles are used to judge whose rocks are closest to the button for scoring purposes.

Button: The middle/center circle of the rings. The object of the game is to have as many of your rocks as you can closer to the middle than your opponent.

Area of Play: Is the area between the Back Line and the Hog Line at the opposite end of the ice you are throwing from. A rock must be completely over the hog line to be in play, and must be completely over the back line to be out of play.

Back Line: Is the line between the hack and the house.

Tee Line: Is the line running through the middle of the house.

Hog Line: Is the line past the top of the house. The person throwing the rock must let go before they cross this line. The rock/stone must travel completely over the hog line at the other end of the ice to be “in play”. Rocks that stop in between the hog lines are “out of play” and must be pushed off to the end of the ice.

Stones/Rocks: There are 8 stones per team. They are thrown down a sheet of ice toward the house in order to score points. Each rock represents a possible 1 point. Your team will score 1 point for each rock/stone that is closer to the middle than an opponents rock. (see scoring examples).

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